Four Weddings and a Funeral

Fiona: You like this girl, don’t you?
Charles: Yes. Yes, it’s… It’s a strange thing when at last it happens. And she’s marrying someone else. How about you, Fifi? Have you identified a future partner for life yet?
Fiona: No need, really. The deed is done. I’ve been in love with the same bloke for ages.
Charles: Have you? Who’s that?
Fiona: You, Charlie. It’s always been you. Since first we met so many years ago. I knew the first moment. Across a crowded room. A lawn, in fact. Doesn’t matter. Nothing either of us can do on this one. Such is life. Friends isn’t bad, you know. Friends is quite something.
Charles: Oh, Fi… It’s not all easy, is it?
Fiona: No.


I heard this song some time ago and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since. I think i heard it on the radio. It reminds me of him. He likes this kind of music. Summer is almost here, even if the weather appears to be having mood swings, and this song makes me close my eyes and imagine that everything is okay, I’m on a beach and there’s a soft breeze… I have a cocktail in my hands, he’s there with me.

The song suddenly stops.

I open my eyes. I’m in bed alone.

The Echocentrics fill up the room. I’m in bed alone.

Music:Echocentrics – Esclavo Y Amo Ft. Natalia Clavier (performed originally by Los Pasteles Verdes)


The tights hanging like this in front of the window reminded me of my room in Glasgow. I stayed there only for a couple of months and I was sharing the flat with two other people. We were hanging our tights, and our clothes, in front of the windows so they could dry faster.

I wish I could had stayed there for a little bit longer. I left friends behind, i abandoned love. I left this window, a window to a different life that had the perfect view.

2 I will call you James

Despite of all the little lies you’re feeding me, or all the little compliments  that may not register as lies, i admire you. After all, that’s exactly what everybody does. You however do the effort to remember all the insignificant details of my life that prove to be once in a while so important for you to enchant me. 

Admiration is in the details, not god. And you fall for someone because you admire him, because he inspires you.

I look up to you. Not for the lies. Everybody lies. You do it well. And in return, you make me believe that you listen and that you can be with me when I’ll need you.