the alternative thinking of executive living

Let’s make art. Let’s brainstorm.

Let’s make love. Let’s talk.

Let’s switch off the light for an hour.

Let’s pour some wine.

Let’s throw in some ideas. Let’s make an installation.

Let’s ride the bikes on a night.

Let’s hug a stranger.

Let’s take photos, make videos, compose music.

Let’s make culture.

And then:

Let’s be angry.

Let’s demand an e-mail asap.

Let’s hit the road with rage.

Let’s honk the horn, hit the brakes, tell them to fuck off.

Let’s work harder.

Let’s shout at a colleague.

Let’s shout at our mate.

Let’s throw responsibilities (to the recycle bin naturally)

Let’s make-believe culture.

For a friend who likes double-meaning stories. This one can be read from the bottom to the top too. Or mixed and match. Or to the person sitting next to you in the ‘hip’ part of the city. Or to the mirror.

p.s. Let’s write


[found here, italics mine]



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