From Putin’s Russia to a Cinema Near You

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We Are The Millers, Greece And The Matter Of Homophobia (UPDATE)

Newsbomb is the #1 ranking news website in Greece, with a reputation for being rather outspoken in a certain direction. A few weeks ago it ran an unsigned article openly supporting Putin’s anti-gay legislation in Russia and calling for similar laws to be implemented in Greece to “protect our young people from homosexuality like Putin does.”

In response, the Greek distributor Village Cinemas made a big gesture of publicly withdrawing their ad campaign for We Are The Millers from the website for “going against their company code of ethics”. There was much applause.

But something seems to have been going on behind the scenes and yesterday, Newsbomb posted a new article stating that Newsbomb and Village are working together once more after a “misunderstanding”. Official letters that were traded back and forth, appear in the article.

Newsbomb stated that their article had only a few negative comments compared to over two thousand “likes”, that it represents the majority opinion in Greece, which is constantly subjected to “racism” by the vocal minority, and that majority is the one who really has need for someone to protect their rights. It asks Village if they really agree with public displays of affection from gay people in public spaces, if they believe in free speech and if they weren’t more upset about the events in Syria and Egypt, or the economic crash in Greece.

And then they offered to host their ad campaign for We Are The Millers for free.

In response, Village has apologised to Newsbomb, stated that it is wonderful and objective news site. And… the PR man for Village, the one who spearheaded their original response to Newsbomb was surprisingly fired after eight years at the job, without any given reason.

I think Newsbomb felt they have won this little skirmish. They may have been wrong.


The hashtag #No_Village_Gr has been constantly trending in Greece since yesterday, with people calling for a full boycott of the Village Roadshow multiplex chains and all movies represented by Village, because of their decision to kowtow.

comment: Village Cinemas in Greece are owned by DEMCO Group of companies (, owned in turn by Mr. Contominas (chairman and main shareholder). Mr. Contominas is also President of Alpha TV (, a channel which currently broadcasts Glee. Guess what, we’ve never seen any gays hugging, kissing etc. Basically, it is a different Glee from that airing on the Fox Channel. Way to go Mr. Contominas.

Montpellierains victims of ‘disproportionate’ police violence, in Greece (oh la la)

Well, this is becoming embarassing actually.

So, yesterday there was a Champions League game at the Karaiskakis Stadium, here in Athens, Greece (yes, the cradle of Democracy). Montpellier was the visiting team and Olympiakos was the hosting team. If my french is not too weak, it appears that 150 Montpellierains are not coming back for summer holidays.

As they were entering the stadium in waves (typical for such situations), police officers got tense, “looking for excuses” (I don’t understand why, they’ve been beating people up for months now, Y U SO TENSE?). When four French fans climbed a wall to watch their fellow fans entering the stadium, instead of getting asked to dismount the wall, they got nicely beaten up. Of course, our police is against discrimination so they proceeded beating up everyone, i.e. those waiting at the stairs, including the French stewards and the security chief of the team. Way to go, guys. Meet me at the Blue Oyster Bar for drinks later on.
Total: three broken arms, three skulls with stitches and a dozen wounded.
Live your myth in Greece. 

Montpellierains victims of ‘disproportionate’ police violence, in Greece (oh la la)

Έλα να ανατρέψουμε το πολίτευμα

Συνελαβαν 35χρονο επειδη ανεβασε φωτογραφιες επεισοδιων με κατηγορια την ανατροπη του πολιτευματος | Arrested for uploading photos on Facebook. Charge: Aim to overthrow the regime.

Ο ερασιτέχνης φωτογράφος Αλέξανδρος Χονδρογιάννης έβγαλε φωτογραφίες από τη συμπλοκή και στη συνέχεια τις «ανέβασε» στο Διαδίκτυο στον λογαριασμό του στο Facebook. Την επόμενη μέρα, ο κ. Χονδρογιάννης συνελήφθη και οδηγήθηκε στην Ασφάλεια, ενώ οι αστυνομικοί έκαναν έρευνα στο σπίτι του και κατέσχεσαν τον υπολογιστή του και τη φωτογραφική μηχανή. Αργά τη νύχτα του απαγγέλθηκαν οι κατηγορίες για διάδοση ψευδών ειδήσεων με σκοπό την ανατροπή του πολιτεύματος, παραβίαση προσωπικών δεδομένων και έργω εξύβριση. Από την πλευρά της Αστυνομίας η αιτιολογία για τη σύλληψη του 35χρονου είναι επειδή η δημοσίευση φωτογραφιών αστυνομικών που βρίσκονταν σε υπηρεσία.


An amateur photographer, Alexandros Hondrogiannis took photographs of an affray between leftists and Golden Dawn party members and of the police officers trying to arrest the captain of the 2010 Greek Gaza-bound ship. He then uploaded these photographs on his Facebook page. The next day, Mr. Hondrogiannis was arrested and his computer and his camera were confiscated. Later that night, the charges read included “spreading false reports, aiming to overthrow regime”, “breach of personal data” and “insult*. Police claimed that he was arrested because he published photos of police officers while on duty.

* could be interpreted as “collection/recording of private data”


Live your Myth in Greece.