Montpellierains victims of ‘disproportionate’ police violence, in Greece (oh la la)

Well, this is becoming embarassing actually.

So, yesterday there was a Champions League game at the Karaiskakis Stadium, here in Athens, Greece (yes, the cradle of Democracy). Montpellier was the visiting team and Olympiakos was the hosting team. If my french is not too weak, it appears that 150 Montpellierains are not coming back for summer holidays.

As they were entering the stadium in waves (typical for such situations), police officers got tense, “looking for excuses” (I don’t understand why, they’ve been beating people up for months now, Y U SO TENSE?). When four French fans climbed a wall to watch their fellow fans entering the stadium, instead of getting asked to dismount the wall, they got nicely beaten up. Of course, our police is against discrimination so they proceeded beating up everyone, i.e. those waiting at the stairs, including the French stewards and the security chief of the team. Way to go, guys. Meet me at the Blue Oyster Bar for drinks later on.
Total: three broken arms, three skulls with stitches and a dozen wounded.
Live your myth in Greece. 

Montpellierains victims of ‘disproportionate’ police violence, in Greece (oh la la)