Four Weddings and a Funeral

Fiona: You like this girl, don’t you?
Charles: Yes. Yes, it’s… It’s a strange thing when at last it happens. And she’s marrying someone else. How about you, Fifi? Have you identified a future partner for life yet?
Fiona: No need, really. The deed is done. I’ve been in love with the same bloke for ages.
Charles: Have you? Who’s that?
Fiona: You, Charlie. It’s always been you. Since first we met so many years ago. I knew the first moment. Across a crowded room. A lawn, in fact. Doesn’t matter. Nothing either of us can do on this one. Such is life. Friends isn’t bad, you know. Friends is quite something.
Charles: Oh, Fi… It’s not all easy, is it?
Fiona: No.